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Welcome to the Division of Professional & Career Education

The Division of Professional & Career Education (PACE) at Bermuda College is the Continuing Education arm of Bermuda’s Community College. The role of the Continuing Education Division is to provide access to training and development for the community workforce.

The area of service is broad: “knows no limits on client age, prior educational attainment, interest, or intent, and the scope of offerings is limited only by staff energies and imagination and by the funds available” (Cohen & Brawer, 2003, p. 292).

Continuing education divisions in community colleges are well positioned to provide the high quality, cost-effective; workforce training required to prepare a skilled work force for the future. Community Colleges are the logical providers of workforce training programmes through the workforce development agencies that are being established through the joint efforts of local Governments and Education.

The main advantages of continuing education programmes are: their focus on career/job preparation and lifelong learning as fundamental missions; extensive, effective links with local business, industry, labour, and government constituents; provision of high-quality training/retraining at a reasonable cost; and continued emphasis on customer-focused, workforce training partnerships with local business/industry constituents.

The Continuing Education Division of Bermuda’s Community College is well poised to provide leadership in workforce development through adult basic and workplace literacy education, adult vocational, and vocational noncredit courses.  Opportunities in PACE also include Contract Training designed to meet organizational specific needs and detailed Occupational Nationally Required Criteria that falls outside the college-credit programme.

The vision for the future of the Division of Professional & Career Education at Bermuda College is to optimize the current courses using a process of evaluation; review the total offerings and confirm that we are realizing the potential in the full scope of all items contained in our PACE offerings. We also plan to aggressively grow by working with the local workforce to confirm what the actual need is. As we collect this data it will help PACE to identify what we can add to our already successful local and external offerings.

The Division of Professional & Career Education is focused on four main Corner Stones; Management training through ILM, BOMI and AMA; Legal training through ILEX programs; Customised workforce development programmes using a mixture of external material and Bermuda College courses; Finance and Accounting with CMA and CPA programs.
   As we continue to develop an infrastructure for growth and a solid foundation that supports the aims and objectives of Professional and Career Education at Bermuda College we invite you to join us and become part of the growth and development of our Workforce and our Community. 


What does the Division of Professional & Career Education offer?
The Division of Professional & Career Education offers workforce development programmes to promote professional, personal, social, economic growth and development.
Can programmes through the Division of Professional & Career Education be completed full-time or part-time?
All programmes within the Division of Professional & Career Education (PACE) are part-time.
When is tuition payments due?
Tuition must be paid in full prior to the first day of class. In order to secure your place in a class, it is highly suggested that your payment is received two weeks prior to the commence of class.
Who are the lecturers within the Division of Professional & Career Education (PACE)?
The Division of Professional & Career Education (PACE) use industry professionals to conduct their courses. Refer to the applicable programme of study page for details.
Are students attending course within the Division of Professional & Career Education (PACE) considered Bermuda College students?
Yes, all students attending Bermuda College, regardless of the division, are entered into the Bermuda College system and receive a student ID number.

Contact Information

Professional & Career Education
Bermuda College, West Hall

Tel: 441-236-9000 ext.4117